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Business analysis

Our business plan is ready for you!

We will analyze any aspect of your business: raw materials, equipment, furniture, employees, rent, Visas, business consultant, lawyers and more, providing you the most complete and trusty business plan.

Is our first priority to ensure you the most detailed business plan capable of clarifying any aspect of your investment.

Business location

Looking for the right location!

Finding the right location is another important priority for a successful business.
Our real estate agency will help us finding the best solution in the area you planned to open (either street or mall locations).

It’s very important to consider the pedestrians passage in front of your shop so we will give you a detailed simulation analyzing the amount of products to sell in order to reach the break-even and calculate the approximate amount of time to return your investment.

Life Ouside Business

Live near your work!

Our package includes house hunting to meet your needs.

Our real estate agency is near you and will help you find the best solution.

Business opportunity

Take care of your business the right way!

Thanks to our know-how, you will learn how to manage your store in the most efficient way, from the production process to the employees management.


With a minimum investment of $ 200,000.00 your Gelato Shop is ready to open and be an immediate success!

** The minimum investment is calculated based on a maximum furnishing and construction costs of a location of 400 SF. Also, a supply for 1 month of gelato ingredients is included.

Our team of experts is ready!







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Our team of experts, is able to provide you the best support, in any field essential for starting your business. We are ready and you?
Contact us and schedule an appointment, we will present your project exhaustively and will demonstrate the quality of our business.


I’ve never made Gelato or managed a Gelato Shop in my life, how can I learn?

Don’t worry, our package includes on field classes, where We’ll teach how to operate the equipment and manage your store. Our method is really straight forward, with the proper tools and knowledge, anyone can be a successful store owner.

Is there an entrance or annual fee?

There are no fees.
The starting investment is calculated based on the costs of your gelato shop: visas, furniture, equipment, serving tools, gelato displays, raw materials and products.

Is there any annual royalty?

No annual royalty costs. Everything you earn is yours!

What is the minimum contract period?

The minimum contract period is five years.

What about the marketing?

We’ll take care of Amarena’s brand; there’s an annual cost of $ 2.000,00 for every Amarena Gelato shop to maintain websites and adv/payperclick campaigns. Every gelato shop owner can make local advertising campaigns independently.

Where do I order ingredients and raw materials?

The main ingredients will be provided by us and can be easily ordered from the website. Other minor materials will be purchased locally.

What about the ROI?

Based on your starting investment, and pedestrian passage, our Gelato Shops have a ROI (Return of investment) between 10 and 15 month.

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