Gelato and Mood

Did you know that those who choose the cream is in love? Or that chocolate is chosen by those who need to relax the nerves?

Recent studies show that there are real relationships between the choice of ice cream and mood: the lovers prefer such as ice cream, who is happy mix tastes very different, such as chocolate and lemon. The cup is often taken by those who want to carve out a moment of relaxation, the cone is instead chosen by those who need to share or, the stick is, then, for people used to live strong emotions or do not want to waste time.
The ice cream seems not only a great way to make a fresh snack but is good mood! Chocolate kiss and are good for those who are down in the dumps; pistachio, exotic tastes and black cherry are ideal for relaxation; the taste of coffee and tiramisu are excellent for those who need a recharge, while the cream is comforting.
“The gelato – explains Francesca Sacca, psychologist and psychotherapist – allows you to return to a childlike state. Beyond the pleasure due to the characteristics related to the taste, there is also this psychological aspect, we take a little cuddle and that makes us take a step back to the times of adolescence, when the ice cream was a time”