Gelato’s History – A secular taste

The gelato, as we know it today, was not obviously the same, it is assumed that ancients used to freeze milk, fruit and honey.
The first record is from the medieval period, in the East people used to freeze the juice by placing them in containers surrounded by ice, this recipe came soon also on the Sicilian coast and from here it was perfected and spread throughout the peninsula.
In most modern sense the gelato was all Italian invention. The inventor was a certain Roger in the court of Catherine de ‘Medici in the mid-1500s, and he made it for the wedding of a noblewoman.
The first business man who built his success on the ice cream was Francesco Procopio instead of knives Arci Trezza, the village in the north of Catania.
Procopio perfecting a machine built by his grandfather for the production of gelato and brought up in Paris. In French the sugar was replaced with honey and mixed it with ice to make it last, and in 1686 founded the local Café Procope.
The enormous success of his shop led him to open another office in front of the “Comedie Francaise”.
He became the most famous meeting point which has seen a lot famous people like Voltaire, Napoleon, George Sand, Balzac, Victor Hugo attended the “Café”, still one of the glories of Paris.
The fact that gelato was invented in Italy is recognized all over the world and it’s another thing that brings value to the italian kitchen.

We hope to write many other page of gelato’s history.