Your personality by how you eat the gelato!

There are those who want to craft, those who prefer sugary tastes, whose who choose the cone those who prefer the cup … one thing is certain every choice is an indicator.

This is the statement of ‘Aidi (Association of Italian confectionery industries) who created his own method of study of human psychology.
The first factor is the choice of the type of gelato: homemade or packaged.
Who choose the craft is close to the size gratificatoria-instinctual, unlike those who choose the packaged product has predominance as a more rational.
Then you need to observe the “container” chosen: who choose the cone has a spirit exalted Venus, while those who choose the cup is connected to the abundance and the cup of immortality.
The third point examines how you eat and in this respect there are four categories: those who licks, who sucks, who bites and who nibbles.

  • Who licks is an optimist, lover of social life, the news and appreciate the new knowledge.
  • Who sucks, has an infantile form of ingestion of food, favors ties intense, almost symbiotic.
  • Who bites is a decisive person, little attention to the advice of others, eager to follow their lives and very unwilling to change course.
  • Who nibbles instead has an introverted character.